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MWR Properties Process (For New Builds & Project Managment)

Plain and simple, we supply the subs, manage them, and take care of the project from start to finish. There is one point of contact for your build or remodel and we take care of everything from A to Z.

Our Process:

Image by Alvaro Reyes
  • We manage the entire project from design, through permitting, through construction and completion.

  • We will help you with concept and design, so plans are ready for permitting.

  • We will obtain all permits for your project.

  • You will have access to all our sub contractors: Architects, Electricians, Plumbers, framers, site development, etc.

  • You will have direct access and receive all our preferred pricing from all our suppliers, (Lumber, kitchens, tile, flooring, etc.)

  • You will receive an itemized budget that you will approve before any work starts

  • You get direct quotes from each contractor and pay them directly with no mark up from MWR.

    • What this means is you control all your cost and know there are no hidden cost because you are going direct. MWR has been using the same quality contractors for years and gets preferred pricing that will be passed on directly to you for every aspect of your construction.

  • You get the direct cost from our suppliers that can be significant or use any supplier of your choice. You also pay direct with no mark up from MWR

Distribution Warehouse with High Shelves

How it works from a cost standpoint and to your advantage:

  • Manage on site every aspect of the project

  • Develop site plan if needed

  • Work with you and architect to develop plan from concept to a buildable plans

  • Get project plan approved for permitting

  • Get all quotes from each contractor and present directly to you for approval

  • Maintain all records of all cost from start to finish

  • Provide a itemized budget

  • Provided recommendations to minimize cost

Urban Construction

MWR’s Role:

MWR’s Fees:

Mobile Crane
  • MWR properties charges a fee between 8-12% of total cost depending on complexity of project


To see full contract, please contact MWR Properties.

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